Do I still need Social Rocket if I bought Social Rocket Pro?

You do need both Social Rocket and Social Rocket Pro to use the Pro features. We realize this may seem inconvenient, but there are a few reasons we split the functionality into two parts:

  • We want to comply with all guidelines for inclusion of the core plugin in the WordPress plugin directory.
  • If we add a new feature, we only have to add it once. This keeps Pro from becoming bloated and enormous.
  • Social Rocket's other planned extensions won't require Pro, but will still require the core plugin. We want to ensure users always have core installed so there are no issues when adding new extensions.
  • If you decide to downgrade to the core plugin later, all you have to do is deactivate Pro with no loss of core settings.

While too many plugins can definitely impact your site, splitting Social Rocket's functionality into two pieces will not have any more impact than smushing it all together; the code is the same whether it's in two places or one. :)

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