Social Rocket Roadmap

As a company, we are committed to the future of Social Rocket and its upcoming library of extensions. While we can't promise an exact ETA for a specific feature or extension, we want users to know what's coming in the future.

Planned Extensions

Translations: While most of the front-end views for Social Rocket can be customized to fit any language, we do plan to make the dashboard and other text translatable as well.

Custom Networks: An advanced extension to allow you to add custom social network sharing buttons.

Widgets Pack: Follow widget, popular posts widget

Highlight and Share: Ability to highlight any text in a post or page and share it to different social networks.

Fly-in and Popup Buttons: Add fly-in and popup share buttons to your posts/pages.

Pinterest A/B Test: Upload multiple custom Pinterest images and offer them randomly to visitors, then see stats on which is shared most often.

Pinterest Advanced Options: More options for Pinterest TBD

Easy Digital Downloads Social Discounts: Offer a discount on EDD products when someone shares your desired message on social media.

AffiliateWP: For logged in affiliates, all share buttons will share the affiliate's personal link/URL.

Features Planned and/or Under Consideration

Facebook Messenger share - added in version 1.2.0

Share via SMS - added in version 1.2.0

Better Email - share via SMTP/modal rather than directly opening as a mailto link

Share to Facebook addition to Click to Tweet

Save custom share button color schemes similar to CTT styles

Pinterest hover button on images/videos

Stats - see a graph of social shares based on network inside the post/page editor

Looking for something you don't see here? Let us know!

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