How to Disable Buttons on a Widgeted Homepage Using a Genesis Child Theme

Many Genesis child themes work a bit differently than other themes when it comes to the homepage vs. the blog page. This can result in some confusion if you want to control how the buttons display (or whether they display at all) on your homepage.

Social Rocket looks at your settings for homepage and blog page in Settings > Reading to determine which setting to use. If your Genesis theme has widgets on the homepage, your homepage display option in Settings > Reading likely says the homepage shows your latest posts.

To turn off or move the buttons on this type of homepage, go to Social Rocket > Inline Buttons > Advanced Placement Settings or Social Rocket > Floating Buttons > Advanced Placement Settings and look for the Blog Index option on the right. This option will control your homepage and can be used to change how the buttons display.

Generally if you have a widgeted homepage, your blog archive is a page using the Genesis page_blog.php template. This page will be controlled via Social Rocket's Page settings, so you can change the display by editing the page and scrolling down to the Social Rocket Settings metabox below the main editor box.

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