How can I migrate from another sharing plugin?

If you have used MashShare, Social Pug, or Social Warfare and would like to switch to Social Rocket, our Migrator extension will allow you to migrate button shortcodes, Click to Tweet shortcodes, custom images, and custom descriptions, even if you are no longer using the previous plugin. 

How does that work?

MashShare, Social Pug, and Social Warfare store your custom options in your site's database. The Social Rocket Migrator scans your database and converts that stored information into the format we use for the same info. This prevents you from having to edit all your old content and set your custom images and descriptions all over again.

As for shortcodes, we use regex to convert any shortcodes hanging out in your posts and pages into Social Rocket's shortcodes with the same formatting.

Do I have to leave the migrator installed on my site?

Nope! Once the migration is complete, you can remove the plugin - we do recommend checking to make sure all your information was imported first. Trouble migrating? Let us know!

Get the Migrator

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