Migrator Tool

The Social Rocket Migrator extension allows you to import per-post images, descriptions, etc. as well as most shortcodes when moving to Social Rocket from MashShare, Social Pug, or Social Warfare. The migration process usually completes in a few seconds and will save time so you don't have to re-edit all your content.

If you've used more than one of these plugins and need to migrate data from both, please perform the migrations in order from the first used to the last used. For example, if you used Social Warfare and then switched to Social Pug, run the Social Warfare migration first, followed by the Social Pug migration. This will ensure we get the most data possible.

Before beginning a migration, we recommend making a backup of your Social Rocket data just to be on the safe side. You can do this in Social Rocket > Settings > Tools.

Step 1: Choose your previous plugin.

Step 2: Choose options.

If you are migrating from Social Warfare, you will need to select the version you last used first (2.xx or 3.xx), then you'll be able to choose whether to use our recommended migration settings (social media settings and shortcodes). With the Warfare migration, you can also opt to migrate your share counts for Social Rocket to use as a starting point.

Step 3: Run the migration.

This process should take a few seconds, but possibly more depending on the size of your site and the capabilities of your server.

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