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About Share Count Rescue

We get it - SEO practices and preferences change (thanks a lot, Google) and sometimes it's necessary to change your URLs to stay relevant. That shouldn't mean giving up your hard-earned social proof!

Social Rocket Pro can rescue your share counts from multiple previous URL structures. Because we understand that sometimes it takes a few tries to get to the structure that works best for your site, your audience, and the ever changing whims of search engines.

Global Settings

SSL - http to https

Added SSL to your site? No problem! Check a box and Share Count Rescue will automatically check both http:// and https:// for every post and page on your site, then add those share counts together for one total.

www vs. non-www

Added or removed www? Check this box and Social Rocket will check for share counts from both, then add those share counts together.

New domain or subdomain

If your site has existed on another domain or subdomain (or multiple domains or subdomains), we've got you covered. We will check as many as you need!

Permalink changes

Social Rocket can handle multiple permalink changes - just show us what your former structure looked like and Share Count Rescue will take care of the rest!

Per-Post (or Per-Page) Settings

The global settings cover a lot of ground, but maybe you've made a change to one individual post, like redirecting one to another or changing the slug. Share Count Rescue can handle that, too!

Inside the post or page editor screen, scroll down to the Social Rocket Settings and enter the full URL to grab previous shares. You can add as many as you need to, and Social Rocket will combine ALL rescued counts.

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